Roland v. Covenant Care, Inc.

George Roland was 83 years old when he underwent knee replacement surgery at the local hospital. After surgery, he entered a nursing home for a short stint of “rehab.”

The nursing home did not follow the orthopedist’s rehab instructions. Worse, Mr. Roland did not receive basic nursing care, such as being repositioned in bed to prevent bed sores, being given adequate drinking water, being taken to the bathroom, and being showered.

On the eleventh day of his stay at the nursing home, he was found to have seven bed sores. One of them became septic, putting him back in the hospital for thirty days, during which time he almost died. Although he survived, he has never walked again and requires 24-hour care at home.

Lesley and her team discovered that the nursing home was chronically understaffed. The staff were poorly trained and so overworked that they didn’t have time to care for patients properly. By litigating aggressively against the nursing home and its parent companies, Lesley was able to obtain a substantial settlement on behalf of Mr. Roland, which will compensate him for his suffering and ensure there are sufficient resources to pay for whatever care he may need in the future.

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