O’Hara v. HCR Manor Care Inc.

Maxine O’Hara was an Alzheimer’s patient at Manor Care skilled nursing facility. Over the course of her four-month stay there, she fell several times and was physically attacked twice, suffering highly suspicious genital injuries, severe head trauma, and facial fractures. Although Manor Care had led Mrs. O’Hara’s family to believe that she would be closely supervised and given 1:1 attention as needed, the reality was far different. The few staff were so overburdened that they could not possibly supervise the entire wing of dementia patients; thus, they had not even observed the attacks on Mrs. O’Hara. They failed to give her required medications more than a hundred times in just four months. Mrs. O’Hara’s daughter often found her left in wet or soiled undergarments.

Lesley’s investigation showed that Manor Care’s neglect of Mrs. O’Hara was part of a pattern of short-staffing and shoddy practices. Lesley also discovered that Manor Care had admitted a patient with a known history of violence onto the Alzheimer’s unit—without increasing supervision or warning the families of other patients. Based on Lesley’s efforts, Manor Care settled on terms very favorable to Mrs. O’Hara and her family.

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