Love v. NAHC and Valley Skilled Nursing Facility

At the time Helen Love was admitted to Valley Skilled Nursing Facility for rehabilitation, she had several medical conditions which left her bed-bound. One evening, she was strangled and brutalized by a caregiver who was asked to clean her after she suffered a bout of diarrhea. The assault left her with a fractured neck and wrist and bruising on many different parts of her body. The nursing home’s own investigation revealed that the caregiver had become angry at being asked to clean several accidents in one day, and had held Mrs. Love down while strangling her, covering her mouth to prevent her from crying out.

The nursing home never called Mrs. Love’s son to tell him what had happened, nor did they take Mrs. Love to the hospital. When the son discovered his mother’s condition, he was shocked. He drove her to the hospital himself, where she was diagnosed with wrist and spinal fractures in addition to the bruises.

In the course of conducting discovery, Lesley learned that the nursing home had hired the caregiver without background checks and that he had been fired from his last position for threatening a patient. Moreover, this was not an isolated occurrence: the nursing home had a habit of failing to conduct adequate background checks on staff. After Lesley brought these facts to light, the nursing home offered Mrs. Love’s family a substantial settlement.

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