Dilley v. Sutter/CHS Central and Dr. James Lett

Mrs. Dilley entered Sutter Roseville Medical Center after suffering a fall and a urinary tract infection. Staff at Sutter Roseville failed to reposition her in bed and failed to monitor her skin, causing a bone deep pressure ulcer (bed sore). When Mrs. Dilley was transferred to the Sutter Transitional Care Center, the bedsore grew and festered as a result of further neglect, until eventually it reached grapefruit size and required two years of painful treatment to heal.

At trial, Lesley presented overwhelming evidence of the nursing staff’s inexcusable neglect—including the fact that in her 96 days at the Transitional Care Center, Mrs. Dilley received only one shower. The jury reached a unanimous seven figure verdict and found the defendants guilty of fraud, malice and/or oppression.

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